Pregnancy and childbirth can be some of the most confusing and most rewarding times in a woman’s life.  At River City OBGYN we specialize in providing elite level care to expecting mothers with a complete spectrum of prenatal, delivery, and post-partum care.  We are one of the only practices in the area that specializes in high-risk births, not only seeing patients but also delivering at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, home to North Florida’s highest Level 3 Neonatal  unit, associated with Nemours.  Our full array of obstetric services includes:

  • High-risk pregnancies and deliveries
    • Multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)
    • Pre-existing conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
    • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
    • Pregnancies after age 35
    • Rh-negative mothers
    • Amniocentesis
  • Genetic counseling and screening
  • Prenatal care
    • Ultrasounds for fetal growth, abnormalities, and well-being
    • Tests for chromosomal anomalies and/or genetic disease
    • Diet and exercise recommendations
    • Childbirth education
  • Vaginal and Caesarean Deliveries
  • Cord Blood Collection