As part of your wellness and/or treatment plan, River City OBGYN may recommend prescription medications. We will discuss all prescriptions with you, including both intended outcomes and potential side effects. Medications we commonly prescribe are:

  • Birth control
  • Hormone therapy and/or replacement
  • Pain management
  • Antibiotics and/or anti-fungals
  • High-blood pressure
  • High-cholesterol

In most cases, our providers will e-scribe your prescriptions while you are here for your appointments so that your prescriptions will be ready by the time you arrive at the pharmacist, however controlled prescriptions still require a hand-written prescription.  It is our policy to approve generic RXs when available to keep prescriptions cost down for you and your insurance company.  Please let your provider know if you utilize a mail-order company, as we can also escribe mail orders. Established patients may request prescription refills through their pharmacy or by calling our office.  Patients must be up-to-date on their regular wellness exams and should be able to provide pharmacy information at the time of request. We will fulfill qualified requests, typically within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Certain prescriptions may require authorization from your physician, which may prompt a follow-up phone call or office visit.

In addition, at the time of your office visit, we may be able to dispense prescriptions intended for certain treatments (such as oral contraceptives, blood medications, and some maintenance medication as those listed above, which often require refills). Our practice can also dispense prescriptions at the time of your office visit for the treatment of certain acute ailments such as urinary tract infections and vaginitis.